Welcome to the website of PHPbbBook

Let me start off with the bad news: I am not a programmer, or a webdesigner.
This project exists because I needed a good, easy, flexible and secure guestbook. These might seem reasonable expectations for something as "simple" as a guestbook.
Unfortunatly I could not find such a guestbook, so I decided to adapt one that came close to my demands.
As such, this guestbook is a fork of another guestbook project, namely vlbook.

If you like this guestbook, and want to contribute, please do so! Translate it in your own language, writing themes or creating avatar packs is something that can really improve this guestbook. Please contact me if you want to contribute.

Version 1.3 is here. This is the first version with the possibility to disable the captcha.
Upgrading is easy: Only retain your data folder, install the new version, place your data folder in there, and remove the "lock" file. Next, run "install.php", and set everything up the way you like, but remember to name your data file correctly!


Version 1.3j, 4 August 2014

  • Security update; fixed an addressing leak in the language parameter. All users are urged to update to this new version. Fix consists of a validation of the input of the l-parameter against existing language files. In case no matching language file exists, the system switches to default.

Version 1.3i, 7 February 2009

  • Security update; fixed an injection leak and an addressing leak All users are urged to update to this new version. Fix consists of a rewrite of the handling of parameters.
  • Cleanup of admin reply. Clearer distinction between reply and original message.

Version 1.3h, 21 September 2008

  • Security update; fixed a leak that caused javascript to be executable. All users are urged to update to this new version. Fix consist of a complete stripping of all < and > signs, causing html in comments to be completely unexecutable.

Version 1.3g, 27 June 2008

  • Security update; many variables are now cleared before using them. Thanks to Benny B.
  • Added German translation; thanks to Benny Blümchen

Version 1.3f, 5 January 2008

  • Changed the copyright year reference to be pulled from the globals.
  • Changed title display in the standard theme to the actual name of the book.
  • Added Hungarian translation; thanks to Makrai Balázs!
  • Fixed language setting for bbcode page.

Version 1.3e, 9 July 2007

  • Fixed the admin reply function. Bad function reference.

Version 1.3d, 4 April 2007

  • Fixed a glitch in the installer, causing it not to foreward the captcha and sound settings to the config file

Version 1.3c, 30 March 2007

  • Fixed a stupid error in the referer to the indef file in the bluegrey theme. This prevented message writing to file
  • Changed logo
  • Hid the index.php from the language list

Version 1.3b, 19 January 2007

  • BlueGrey and BoringGrey theme are now scaled with browser page width
  • Added a rudimentary system to keep people from nosing in the subdirs of the guestbook

Version 1.3a, 13 December 2006

  • Fixed a hickup in message registration with certain themes
  • Spoken part of the captcha can be switched on or of during the install

Version 1.3, 18 November 2006

  • Captcha can now be disabled in install
  • Sound on captcha added
  • Estonian translation added, thanks Margus!

Version 1.2b, 17 September 2006

  • Cookie confined to path prevent admin access on other books when there's more than one PHPbbBook on domain
  • No logon on all but erroroneous value, but only on correct value

Version 1.2a, 14 September 2006

  • With an empty but defined &l=, lang will now show the default lang
  • Internal cleanup: all $value == "" is now changed into empty($value)
  • Change in the way the cookie is checked before adding a value to it
  • Auto-submit of lang. in themes bluegrey and boringgrey
  • Fixed action_url link in default bluegrey theme
  • Fixed total pagecount
  • PHPbb help page is now localized for English, Dutch and Italian


  • Web server (apache)
  • PHP4 (or higher)
  • PHP4-gd
  • flite (optional; only needed to use speech with captcha)


You can get support by either sending me an e-mail or posting a message in the support book. The last method is preferred.


As the start of this page already says: I am not a programmer. But I am neither a graphical artist, so that probably explains the way the themes look. This is a call to everyone that wants write a theme for PHPBBbook: If you know your HTML and like to write themes, write one for this guestbook. Please contact me so I can add it to the themes section.

I'm also looking for translators for PHPbbBook. As most of the translation files come from vlbook, they are far from complete. Also: there are still some languages lacking, like French, German, Portugese, etc... If you want to translate PHPbbBook in your language, please send me an e-mail.