On this page you can find the download for the main package of PHPbbBook.
Separate themes and avatars are available in their own sections below.
Installing a new theme or avatar pack is easy: simply unzip the package in the theme or avatar folder of PHPbbBook. To use the new pack, either run install.php or edit the config.php file. Be ware: if you are working on an already running install of PHPbbBook, you have to remove the file named "lock" in the data folder before you can run install.php.


Version 1.3i, 7 February 2009

  • Security update; fixed an injection leak and an addressing leak All users are urged to update to this new version. Fix consists of a rewrite of the handling of parameters.
  • Cleanup of admin reply. Clearer distinction between reply and original message.

Version 1.3h, 21 September 2008

  • Security update; fixed a leak that caused javascript to be executable. All users are urged to update to this new version. Fix consist of a complete stripping of all < and > signs, causing html in comments to be completely unexecutable.

Version 1.3g, 27 June 2008

  • Security update; many variables are now cleared before using them. Thanks to (I am sorry, but I forgot who it was that helped me with this, so if you read this, please send me an e-mail so I can give you credit.)
  • Added German translation; thanks to Benny Blümchen

Version 1.3f, 5 January 2008

  • Changed the copyright year reference to be pulled from the globals.
  • Changed title display in the standard theme to the actual name of the book.
  • Added Hungarian translation; thanks to Makrai Balázs!
  • Fixed language setting for bbcode page.

Version 1.3e, 9 July 2007

  • Fixed the admin reply function. Bad function reference.

Version 1.3d, 4 April 2007

  • Fixed a glitch in the installer, causing it not to foreward the captcha and sound settings to the config file

Version 1.3c, 30 March 2007

  • Fixed a stupid error in the referer to the indef file in the bluegrey theme. This prevented message writing to file
  • Changed logo
  • Hid the index.php from the language list

Version 1.3b, 19 January 2007

  • BlueGrey and BoringGrey theme are now scaled with browser page width
  • Added a rudimentary system to keep people from nosing in the subdirs of the guestbook

Version 1.3a, 13 December 2006

  • Fixed a hickup in message registration with certain themes
  • Spoken part of the captcha can be switched on or of during the install

Version 1.3, 18 November 2006

  • Captcha can now be disabled in install
  • Sound on captcha added
  • Estonian translation added, thanks Margus!

Version 1.2b, 17 September 2006

  • Cookie confined to path prevent admin access on other books when there's more than one PHPbbBook on domain
  • No logon on all but erroroneous value, but only on correct value

Version 1.2a, 14 September 2006

  • With an empty but defined &l=, lang will now show the default lang
  • Internal cleanup: all $value == "" is now changed into empty($value)
  • Change in the way the cookie is checked before adding a value to it
  • Auto-submit of lang. in themes bluegrey and boringgrey
  • Fixed action_url link in default bluegrey theme
  • Fixed total pagecount
  • PHPbb help page is now localized for English, Dutch and Italian

1.2, 11 August 2006

  • Code cleanup; strange and MS-related strings are removed from install.php
  • Random function in the installer is now in php, and works on all OS-ses
  • Default values in install.php now give a working system
  • Lang choice option now defaults to the language of your choice or with no choice to default in config
  • More code cleanup; all themes should now be 100% W3C compatible
  • PHP5 compatibility should be 100% now
  • Validation of values inserted in install.php now completely PHP, no more javascript, and working

1.1, 4 August 2006

  • Installer now autodetects language files, avatars and themes and displays them in the installer menu
  • Some code cleanup of the install.php file
  • Renaming of some themes and avatar sets
  • bbcode comment window now part of the package
  • Finally made the langswitch in the theme a separate function! (a b*tch to write!)
  • smily theme added. More smilies can be added thru functions.php
  • Themes, avatars and language packs are now separate packages


  • Admin cookie on timeout of 30 mins.
  • BBcode as way of enhancing messages
  • html is no longer valid
  • totaly costumizable; with themes, languages and avatars
  • php4-gd is needed for captcha
  • bluegrey theme is W3C compatible; other themes are close to compatible
  • based on vlbook by Hunter Wu

PHPbbBook (the main package)